Anne Stilson-Cope is the President and Owner of Corey Electrical Engineering, Inc. She was involved with the business from inception and has helped develop and promote the business since 1990. Anne is directly involved with all project design and will be deeply involved in many aspects of the electrical design phases of your projects. She is familiar with the design standards and specifics related to each project. [ Read More… ]

James Enright PE, LEED

James Enright is one of our Lead Project Electrical Engineers. James worked at Corey as an intern in 2001 and came back to Corey after working several years as an engineer and passing the PE Exam in 2009.
As one of the lead electrical designers for the DIA Hotel and Transit Center, James proved his engineering capabilities and communication skills while in constant contact with requirements for the project, the multitude of consultants on the project, and the needs of the engineering team, Gensler and DIA.
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Alex Wolke_thumb

Alex Wolke is a project engineer with considerable project experience. Alex will have constant quality contact with team members as well as other disciplines throughout the design and construction phases of this project. His responsibilities will include project management, electrical system design, code research, project coordination and specification writing.
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Steven Stretch

Steven Stretch is the Senior Electrical Engineer at Corey Electrical Engineering, Inc. With over 40 years of experience in the lighting and power industry, Steven will be directly involved with your project design and quality control. Steven is a ‘hands on’ engineer and takes full responsibility for many of the project design decisions that go into our daily project team management and your projects. Some of Steven’s strong electrical assets are industrial, aviation, commercial power and lighting systems up to medium voltage (13KV), large scale multiplexed communication and control projects exceeding 70 PLC’s and 10,000 points, engineering management, mentoring, planning, scheduling and motivation of project engineers Steven has worked on numerous DIA Projects and is familiar with regulations, standards, policies, procedures and codes. [ Read More… ]

Thom Evert

Thom Evert is a project engineer with considerable project experience. Thom has constant contact with team members as well as other disciplines throughout the design and construction phases of his projects. Responsibilities include project management, electrical system design, code research, project coordination and specification writing. Scope of work includes power distribution systems, lighting and communication systems design, access control and security, lightning protection grounding, standby power, computer rooms and UPS systems and emergency power and lighting, major renovation/remodel projects and tenant finish for office and retail space.
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Brian Waring, EIT

Brian Waring is a Colorado transplant originally from Ohio, where he went to the University of Cincinnati and worked as an intern for an engineering firm designing new LEED-certified schools. He has been with Corey Electrical Engineering since 2015 and has been the lead on several elementary school renovations, medical facilities, and numerous tenant finish projects. Brian’s path to engineering stemmed from an interest in designing energy-efficient buildings.
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Glenn Ross

Glenn Ross is our newest addition to Corey, and is currently serving as staff engineering support and is managing our water treatment plant projects. Glenn is ready to address any problem that comes to the forefront on any of our engineering project. His history working as an oilfield/mining electrical engineer has come in handy to assist with motor control center designs and variable speed drives required for our local, small municipal water treatment plant projects.
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Adnan is a highly motivated problem solver and comes to Corey Electrical Engineering from Montana State University where he got his Master’s Degree in electrical engineering and served the university as a graduate teaching assistant in electrical fundamentals and circuits coursework.
Since Adnan came on board at Corey in 2016, he has proven adept with design solutions serving the many aspects of our business. He is quickly developing his skill sets to become a project manager for our realm of sophisticated electrical engineering design projects and clientele.
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Holly Petro

Holly Petro is the Secretary/Treasurer of Corey Electrical Engineering, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in fiscal operations, Holly is responsible for all financial aspects of the business including general accounting, financial statements, budgets, administration of employee benefits and corporate related items.
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