Outstanding Design and Attention to Detail

I would like to compliment Glenn Ross for the outstanding design and attention to detail during the course of the Berthoud Regional WWTF design. I thought the plans were very comprehensive and left little for interpretation. I met with the electrical contractor today and he was able to quickly pull together a list of electrical materials and scope of work within the original estimates and scope.

Although Glenn can get caught up in the details at times, he was very pleasant to work and communicate with. I would rather Glenn get caught up in the details then other way around. Wastewater and Water Treatment electrical design is very complicated due to code classifications and I think Glenn comprehended this very well and produced a solid design with keyed notes and details regarding applicable NEC and NFPA codes. This project was not your typical design since there was no design team member handling system integration; Glenn was able to tabulate the Instrument cable, instrument and equipment schedules along with appropriate tagging to coordinate the electrical contractor scope of work and Xylem (equipment supply manufacturer and integrator) scope or work. Although this was out of Glenn’s comfort / expertise zone, I thought he did a great job taking this effort on.

We look forward to working with Corey on future projects.

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